Purple Hawaiian Flowers Nail Art

Purple Hawaiian Flowers Nail Art

Here’s a little story about just how great the Seche Vite fast dry top coat REALLY is. It’s Sunday night, and I just finished painting my nails. I put on my top coat and after 15 min, I put on some rubber gloves to do some cleaning. While my nails were perfectly dry to the touch (I even did the press hard and try to make a fingerprint in your polish test), apparently the layers underneath my top coat were still tacky. I pulled off my gloves to find this:

Messy Nails

I really tried to convince myself that I didn’t need to re-do my manicure in order to go to work on Monday…but that lasted about 30 minutes before I quickly put together the purple hawaiian flower design. This was my first time using my m82 plate, and I really love the variety of images you get on this one!

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