China Glaze Prismatic Collection

Today I’m going to introduce to you the BEST glitter polish I’ve ever seen.

Well, first I’m going to show you the glitter polish I THOUGHT was the best glitter polish I’ve ever seen.

This is China Glaze – Some Like It Haute

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection Some Like It Haute

It’s basically a dark grey, sparkly amazingness. Like all glitter polishes, it’s gritty, but the colour is beautiful.

This was my holy grail glitter polish, until I laid my eyes on the new Prismatic Collection. I walked into Sally Beauty Supply and I swear the display was calling my name.

Even though I had just changed my polish the night before, I ran home to put on one of the colours.

China Glaze Prismatic Collection Liquid Crystal

This is called Liquid Crystal. It’s a beautiful blue/silver full of multicoloured glitter.

I’m in love.

When they legalize marriage to inanimate objects, I may propose.

2 thoughts on “China Glaze Prismatic Collection”

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have that glitter. It reminds me a lot of ORLY’s, um, crap, what’s it called… Rock Solid, I think. But lighter, and much more glittery. Unfortunately, it chipped like crazy for me. :/ Hopefully it has better staying power for you!

    1. This one didn’t chip – it did peel (but that’s likely because I put on 3 layers, plus a base coat, and 2 layers of top coat). I generally don’t keep nail polish on for more than a couple days, so I’m not a good judge of staying power!

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