Choosing Our First Home

Arkell Springs Kitchen & Dining Room

Well one full day later, we basically made a decision on which house we wanted. The Terra View home was our favourite by far. Not only was it the best looking, but the quality far surpassed any other builder. We sent the Sales Woman an email about the questions we had on the unit we were looking at, and she quickly responded letting us know that she could meet with us next weekend to help us out.

Last night we took K’s parents over to the model home so they could take a look as well. They also loved it, which was nice. The model home is also their sales office and where you meet with the interior decorator, so all of the upgrades and swatches are there for you to see.

While we were there we got to quickly meet the Sales Woman and she answered a few of our questions regarding upgrade pricing, and the renovations we wanted to do to the home. Some of the upgrades we were looking at required them to stop construction, so the Sales Woman set up a meeting with us this weekend to make sure we would be able to get everything we wanted. She also asked us to send her a list of upgrades we were thinking about so she could give us pricing before we met with her to sign an Agreement.

This week we’ll talk about upgrades and figure out just how much we’re willing to spend on this first little house of ours.

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