To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade…

Arkell Springs Plant Shelf

We meet with the Sales Agent on Sunday to talk about the house price and possibly sign an agreement, so this week has been all about choosing our upgrades and figuring out just how much we want to spend on this house.

K and I have pretty much agreed on every single upgrade (thankfully no domestics required). He is set on upgrading our master bath to have a glass shower, and I don’t want to give up the beautiful glass railings.

We’re still trying to decide whether or not we want hardwood stairs to the basement. Our thoughts are that the basement will end up being carpeted anyway, so it makes sense to save that money and spend it on Appliance upgrades, or something else.

Hardwood floors in the great room and in the upstairs hallway are a must, as well as granite countertops. Central air is another upgrade and so are central vac rough in’s throughout the house.

The house comes with standard stainless steel appliances, but we are thinking of upgrading those because they’re kind of ugly (my mom refers to me as Paris Hilton because of this haha). I want a fridge with a bottom freezer and a convection oven. We’d also like to have an over the range microwave. The biggest appliance cost will come in the form of a washer/dryer since those aren’t included in the price.

Right now we’re waiting for final pricing on the upgrades so we can make a more informed decision, but hopefully we’ll get those soon because I’m getting antsy!

We also decided to do our pre-approval this week. We have a number in our head that we don’t want to go over, so we wanted to make sure we’d be able to get the funding before bothering with all the hefty paperwork. Thankfully everything came through, so all we have to do is pull the trigger!

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