Model Home Photos

Arkell Springs Master Bedroom

I’ve been talking so much about the house process that I haven’t elaborated on any of the photos I’ve been posting!

This is the exterior of the townhome, ours will look exactly like the 2nd unit in:


This is our floorplan (I didn’t include the basement since it won’t be finished anyway). We’re getting the Glass Shower part of the luxury ensuite, but not the bathtub. This way I get a huge walk-in closet:


This is the kitchen, and you can see the hall out to the front door. We will have that little breakfast bar which is perfect for entertaining:


Here’s the great room, I think my favourite part is the double doors and windows. We back on to a little “community area” which is essentially a tiny little park. Just means I won’t have to stare directly into anyone’s house.


These are the stairs leading to the 2nd floor – check out the sweet plant shelf! I can’t wait to decorate it with pony paraphernalia.


This right here is the reason we loved this house. The Master Bedroom. Check out that ceiling!


And last but not least, here is what our house currently looks like (it’s the 2nd one in both photos).



I’m going to try my best to get construction photos along the way!

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