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Arkell Springs Kitchen & Dining Room

I’m going to start this post of by telling you that if you’re buying a home and you don’t have a lawyer, you need to find one. Like yesterday.

I don’t know what we would have done without ours. Thankfully he was easy to find because he’s a friend of K’s dad, and he graciously made the call for us.

He sat with us for almost 2 hours going through every single line of our agreement to make sure we understood all the closing costs and all the things we’d need to do when we finally got our home. I had done a ton of googling and there was just sooooo much information I was incredibly overwhelmed. He answered all of our questions, told us what to try and get for free, and made us a nice little chart of all the fees we should expect come closing.

Since our place is a townhome condominium we also have an 80 page condo doc to read. He skimmed through that for us to make sure there wasn’t any crazy restrictions, and I have to admit I have yet to get through page 1. I think I might start a new business writing Coles Notes Condo Docs. I’d make a killing!

We have until February 14th to close the deal – so we’re waiting on an appointment time with he Sales Agent to drop off our cheque and book our appointments with the Interior Decorator!


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