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Back in the blogging saddle

Well…apparently it’s been over two years since I wrote a blog post. Not sure why. I don’t really have a good excuse other than I just didn’t feel like it. I’m not even sure I feel like it now, but I’m just going to do it.

Where does one even start when two years have past and so many things have happened? Well let’s recap…

  1. Got our house and moved to Guelph
  2. Got skinny, and then consequently got really fat again
  3. Had to put down my bff Miss Piggy
  4. Got engaged
  5. Went to Disney A LOT
  6. Got a new puppy (Kermit)
  7. Planning a Disney Wedding
  8. Trying to not be fat again
  9. Trying to train a puppy
  10. DIY’ing a lot of this Disney Wedding

So basically I have a lot to write about it seems. I tried to re-organize the categories to make things easier for people to read/find if they choose to do such a thing.

Now I just need to convince myself to spend 5 minutes a day writing a blog post. Which shouldn’t be that hard…

Kitchen Upgrades

Well, the latest development in our Upgrades saga is over our Kitchen. K and I had decided that we wanted under valance lighting, as well as a fridge build out/Gable. I had been emailing back and forth with our Interior Decorator at Terra View to get pricing for things (I have a crazy spreadsheet that tabulates all of our costs, tells us the 5% deposit cost, mortgage cost and even the CMHC fees we’d need to pay), and casually mentioned that we wanted these two items.

We were almost too late to get the valance lighting because our electrical rough ins start on Monday. I quickly got a change order signed for that and then asked about the gable. Apparently we were already too late for that because framing had been done on the bulk heads.

This was now almost the third time we’ve been told that we were too late to get things/didn’t know what was standard vs. optional (Shower, Hardwood Stairs, Pot Lights) so I was starting to get angry. I sent a “strongly worded” email that basically said I wasn’t impressed with how things were going because we had been finding out about things by luck. The interior decorator was awesome, and spoke to the site supervisor for us so that we could have our usefulĀ cupboardsĀ above the fridge. Needless to say, i was very excited for the rest of the day.

If you’re in the market to buy a new build home, make sure you ask for someone to walk you through the model homes and tell you what is standard, what is optional and WHEN you need to decide on these things. It’s probably much easier with a house that isn’t under construction yet! Don’t be afraid to ask questions either! For the longest time K would make me email the Sales Agent every day and I was getting upset because I didn’t want to annoy her. We’re giving these people a crap ton of money, so they should be able to put up with a few months of me being a pain in the ass.

On Saturday I’m going to head over to the model home and try and pick out all the things I want come colour selection time!

Things I’ll Miss When We Move to Guelph

I’ve recently been thinking about all the things Toronto has that I will miss when I move to Guelph. Here’s the list I’ve compiled so far:

Burrito Boys

The closest location is probably in Waterloo, which means no more last minute “I need a Burrito” fixes :(

Sephora & MAC

Again, the closest location is probably Kitchener/Waterloo. I don’t know how people in Guelph survive…

The Bay & Holt Renfrew

I don’t care what people say, The Bay stores anywhere outside of Toronto are just terrible. And yes, Holt Renfrew is ridiculously expensive but it’s the only place I can get Bobbi Brown makeup, Butter London polish and a new purse.

Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma/Crate and Barrel

Self explanatory. Sometimes I go in to Willams Sonoma and just pretend I can afford the ridiculously overpriced items.

A Good Trade Secrets

The one I went to in the mall was smaller than my new walk in closet. I NEEDS SELECTION.


Let there be light!


The night we handed over our cheque, we also spent some time looking at the model homes because I wanted to plan out lighting fixtures.

If you’re ever buying a house, make sure you ask about lighting fixtures. I was so surprised to learn that half of the light locations in the model homes were not standard. I’m not even talking about the fixtures themselves, but the wiring.

The great room didn’t have any lights in it, so we opted to add in 6 pot lights.

The kitchen also didn’t come with anything, so we’re putting in 4 pot lights there, as well as a fixture over our breakfast bar (I’m saving my pennies for this mason jar pendant from Pottery Barn).

The dining area comes standard with a decent looking chandelier, but I’ll swap that out eventually for something that goes with the jars.

All the other rooms have some sort of fixture in them, which is nice. We added in 2 more pot lights to the window seat in the master bedroom, and 1 pot light in our master shower, and 1 in the upper bathtub.

We really liked the look of the pot lights compared to having a million fixtures in such a confined area.

In the next month we’ll be meeting with the interior decorator to make all of our colour selections, and we also get to do a pre-drywall inspection of the house!

6 more months!!