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Purple Flowered Nail Art

Purple Flowered Nail Art

Quick and easy nail design for today! For this look you’re going to:

  • Paint your nails with Zoya’sMira polish (or your favourite shade of purple. I also love China Glaze Spontaneous)
  • After it is completely dry use Konad plate m65 and apply the floral design with your white stamping polish (or try Pastel Violet)
  • Finish it off with your favourite top coat (I can’t even begin to describe how much I love the Seche Vite top coat)

Morning Skin Routine

I spent a lot of time (and money!) trying out different skin products throughout the years, and I wanted to share what works best for me.

I used to always use whatever random product looked cool at the drug store, but now I’ve moved on to exclusively using Kiehl’s products. There’s a few reasons for this…

  1. Obviously, because they work for me and I’ve seen amazing results
  2. I never feel pressured to purchase something when I walk into the store
  3. The staff are SO helpful in finding a product that is right for you, and sharing the success they’ve had with the product
  4. You get free samples with EVERY purchase

Here are the products I use every morning:

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

First, I wash my face with the Ultra Facial Cleanser

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Toner

Then I use the Blue Herbal Lotion on areas of my face where I usually break out

Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control

Next I apply the Acne Blemish Control Treatment in the spots I normally break out

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

I finish it off with the Ultra Facial Cream on my entire face

That’s it! 4 easy to use products! Once the Ultra Facial Cream dries, I put my makeup on right over top. My skin care routine changes at night, and when I’m having breakouts and I’ll share those with you soon! 

Happy Nail Mail Day!

Today was a VERY happy nail mail day for me! Here’s what was waiting for me at the post office:

From WowSoCool:

Konad Coraline Nail Stamping Kit

Coraline Nail Art Kit

This kit comes with 4 Coraline themed image plates, 3 stamping polishes, a stamper and a scraper. I’m VERY excited about this because I LOVE the movie Coraline.

Konad Nail Image Plate m84Konad Nail Image Plate m85

Konad Image Plate m84 & Konad Image Plate m85

Konad 2in1 Stamper Scraper

Konad 2in1 Stamper/Scraper

I’m very excited to try this out! I find using the Stamper and Scraper separately a bit annoying because my stamper always rolls off my table.

From Maytheps Nail Art Supplies:

Nail Art Stamping MachineNail Stamping Machine

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about this! This machine was only $21.00, and it came with 7 polishes, 6 stamps and the machine. I’ll definitely make a video soon to show you how it works.

Nail Image PlatesNail Image Plates

12 more image plates for the nail stamping machine

Nail BrushesNail Brushes

I bought these mostly the clean up my messy nail painting. I find Q-Tips a bit annoying because they’re not sturdy so I don’t have a lot of control – especially with my left hand.

Practice NailsPractice Nails

I ordered 20 sets of these! This will allow me to show off more nail designs without actually having to paint my nails everyday. As much as I enjoy painting my nails, I’d get absolutely nothing else done if I had to do it everyday.

That was my haul from both WowSoCool and Maytheps. They both had excellent service and shipping times. Their policies state that shipping can take 4 or more weeks, but I received my orders within a week after they shipped (which was within 1 business day of my actual order). Maytheps prices are REALLY low so they do not offer discount codes, but they do offer a rebate program. WowSoCool will give you a 20% discount code to use, all you have to do is email them! I got mine within a few minutes so don’t let the fact that you need to email them stop you from asking for a code!

Multicoloured Leopard Print Nail Art

Today I’m going to share one of my favourite nail art designs!

Multicoloured Leopard Nail Art

To create this look you’re going to paint your nails 4 different colours. For the above look I used:

Then you will use Konad plate m57, and stamp with black stamping polish. Finish with a top coat and your done!

If you’d like a step by step tutorial, Say Anything Brooke has a great one on her YouTube Channel.


Christmas nails!

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I’ve recently become obsessed with nail stamping! Recently, I’ve been doing a ton of Christmas/Winter themed designs that I wanted to share!

Tons more to come! As you can see, I’m still working on the layout of the site. Eventually I’ll get to tutorials and talking about more things than my nails :)