Choosing Our First Home

Arkell Springs Kitchen & Dining Room

Well one full day later, we basically made a decision on which house we wanted. The Terra View home was our favourite by far. Not only was it the best looking, but the quality far surpassed any other builder. We sent the Sales Woman an email about the questions we had on the unit we were looking at, and she quickly responded letting us know that she could meet with us next weekend to help us out.

Last night we took K’s parents over to the model home so they could take a look as well. They also loved it, which was nice. The model home is also their sales office and where you meet with the interior decorator, so all of the upgrades and swatches are there for you to see.

While we were there we got to quickly meet the Sales Woman and she answered a few of our questions regarding upgrade pricing, and the renovations we wanted to do to the home. Some of the upgrades we were looking at required them to stop construction, so the Sales Woman set up a meeting with us this weekend to make sure we would be able to get everything we wanted. She also asked us to send her a list of upgrades we were thinking about so she could give us pricing before we met with her to sign an Agreement.

This week we’ll talk about upgrades and figure out just how much we’re willing to spend on this first little house of ours.

House Hunting

Granite Homes Townhome

I wish I could remember why we decided we were going to buy a house…I’m sure it had something to do with K having to drive an hour to work every morning from Toronto, and the ungodly amount of money I pay for rent…

Either way, we were planning to move in September when my lease was up. I spent a lot of time browsing MLS for homes just to see what was available and nothing really caught my eye that was in our price range.

I started making a list of all the new build Townhomes in the Guelph area for us to check out. They were relatively inexpensive, and we liked the idea of a new house where we’d be able to choose all the interior finishes.

So we took a little road trip to Guelph and visited about 5 different model homes.

First we stopped in at a Terra View build, where we were greeted by a very nice sales woman. She gave us tons of information and let us walk through the two beautiful model homes. The place was pretty busy so we looked in, took the information and moved on to the next one.

Next, we went to visit another sales centre by Fusion Homes but their current phase was sold out. The sales woman there was very nice as well.

Just down the street we went to a Great Gulf Homes model (One of our friends just bought there too!). We weren’t greeted by anyone there, until we helped ourselves to some information. She basically looked at us and said “Our model home is down the street if you want to go look. It’s open.” Reaaaallllll helpful. Needless to say we turned around and walked out of there fairly quickly.

The fourth home we saw was by Granite homes, and they were semi detached homes and a little out of our price range. They were nice, but they also weren’t going to be ready by the time we needed to move.

The last place we saw was a new development by Reid Homes called Carriage Condos. They were split level townhomes (aka someone lived either above or below you). They were nice, but if I was going to pay for a home I didn’t want to live above or below anyone. Plus the lower level condo looked too much like a dungeon for my liking.

Those 5 places were more than enough model home galavanting for my liking, so we headed home.

Winter Snowflake Nails

Snowflake Winter Nails


It’s been an EXTREMELY long time since I’ve had a minute to post here, but I’m taking it upon myself to find a minute to share some Winter Snowflake nails with you all!

The full nail designs are probably my favourite thing in the world, they’re super easy to apply and don’t require any patience at all. The one pictured is part of the latest Bundle Monster pack that Nail Polish Canada was nice enough to send to me.

The polish colour is called Ruby Pumps by China Glaze, and it’s one of my favourite red polishes. I basically like anything with a sparkle.

Over the Christmas holiday I’m planning to spend some time dreaming up some new nail designs with these Bundle Monster┬áplates! I can’t wait!

Holy Grail Eyeshadow Primer

I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend – the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Let me fill you in a little bit on my experience with eyeshadow primers…

It all started when I was on my makeup obsession journey – I purchased the Urban Decay Primer Potion because that was the holy grail of the internet. I assumed it would work for me too, but apparently not. I think it actually made my staying power WORSE than when I used nothing. That’s not to say that it was a bad product, it just didn’t work for me.

Then, I decided to try the Benefit Lemon Aid because even though I wanted a primer, I always wanted something to even out the redness of my skin. This worked better than the Urban Decay, but still not all day lasting.

I also gave the Maybelline Colour Tattoo a try, with and without both of these products. Still nothing.

Then I walked into Sephora one day and asked one of the girls to reccomend a new eyeshadow primer. When I told her that the Urban Decay wasn’t working at all for me, she actually looked at me like I had three heads. She told me to give the NARS one a try (the reason I love Sephora is that I can try stuff and return it if it sucks).

This is now my holy grail eyeshadow primer. I use it every day and it is so so so amazing.

If you’re having troubles with the Urban Decay primer, check this one out! I’ve used it with cream shadows, and regular shadows, and both mixed together and I can put it on before going to work, go out AFTER work, and come home with my shadow looking the same as it did that morning. It’s incredible.

Summertime Leopard Print Nail Art

Summer Leopard Print Manicure
I haven’t posted some fun nail art since Easter! Which is a tad crazy, but let me fill you in on WHY before I get into how to do this wonderful summertime nail art.

For the past little bit, my nails have been awful. Peeling, brittle, and just not growing. Even if they did grow, they broke very easily. It was quite awful, especially considering how much I love nail art. The good news is that my nails are back on track! I essentially just stopped painting them 3 times a week, and I’ve been using the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength as a base. That stuff is seriously amazing. Makes my nails SO strong. I’m very excited that my nails are back to normal, and that I can now start posting more nail art (just less frequently so I don’t destroy them again haha).

Back to this manicure…

If you read my blog at all, you know that my favourite Konad plate is m57. Between the leopard print and the lace, this plate gets used probably 80% of the time I do my nails. Of course, this means that my nail art gets a little boring so I try to find new ways to use this plate. I decided to only do two accent nails with the leopard print, and make it a little summer-y.

The pink polish is Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic, and the mint is Essie Mint Candy Apple. Once completely dry I applied the leopard print stamp using Konad black stamping polish. Then I filled in a few of the spots with a white and pink striper.

It’s that easy folks.



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